Wireless Internet Service
Sirtac offers wireless internet services to users located within one mile of the Raisin Township Offices in Southeastern Michigan. See our coverage map below for more details.


Pricing for internet starts as low as $45 per month! All plans include a static public IP address and have no monthly data caps.  See the table below for full details:



Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Monthly Price
12 1 $ 45.00
30 3 $ 110.00
50 5 $ 180.00



For more information or to sign up, please fill out the Contact Us here!



(Additional details: One time install fee of $250 will be charged on your first bill. This one time fee includes technician's time to setup and configure your service. Customer will need to provide their own router to access the internet. Sirtac can make router recommendations, but generally any consumer grade router [e.g. Linksys, DLink, etc.] will work just fine.)

Coverage Area
Our wifi access point is roughly located at 4800 Green Hwy. See the map below for the approximate coverage area. Feel free to contact us if you are close to our coverage area and we can do a site survey to see if we can provide you internet.